The Weekly Weigh-In: Still Ahead Of Schedule

I felt very nervous about sharing my weight with you a few weeks ago.  That’s a truly personal thing to throw out onto the internet, and, if I failed to lose any weight, a rather embarrassing defeat.

On the other hand, I know myself well enough to realize that the pressure of going public might actually encourage me to try harder and hold myself more accountable.

It would seem that I’ve used the correct strategy.

Thankfully, at 213 pounds, I managed to come in a pound under my target weight last week.  For this week, I hoped to maintain that amount from last week–213 pounds–because that was my projected weight for this weekend.  Whatever happened, I just didn’t want go back up to 214 pounds.

I’m very happy to reveal that the extra pound trend is continuing.  I weighed 212 pounds this morning.

While this is more than I expected, I want to be careful not to rush things.  It’s generally agreed that a pound a week is the healthiest way to lose weight.  I’m going to assume that this extra weight loss per week is simply the immediate result of healthier portion control.  I don’t expect to maintain an extra pound a week, and I certainly want to make sure that I don’t pressure myself to do so.  It’s exciting, but it’s also not necessarily sustainable.

I made two major changes to my diet this week that seem to be reaping benefits.  Firstly, I’ve switched to eating a sensible cereal for breakfast.  I’m currently enjoying Special K with honey and oats.  I had been eating two microwave oven sausage patties and three microwave pancakes with syrup.  Wow.  Now that I see that in writing–yikes.  Secondly, I’m having a single serving of maple and brown sugar oatmeal for my afternoon snack.

Other than that, I’m simply eating less than I normally would.  For example, we had breakfast night Thursday evening.  I normally make three biscuits for my “biscuits and gravy.”  Thursday, I only had two.  I also did not make sausage patties to go with it.  We were already having bacon, so I figured that was enough.  Typically, I would have made sausage, too.  These little tiny changes, while not earth-shattering, are contributing to calories not being consumed.  Of course, if we burn more calories than we eat, we lose weight.

So, next week I’m hoping to maintain the 212 pounds from this morning.  That will keep me on schedule.  If that extra pound trend continues–fantastic.  If not, no problem.  The primary goal is to leave 213 pounds in the past.

Hope your journey is going well, too!  Good luck!


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