Cougars Care: Prairieland Elementary Donates To the Red Cross

I’m so proud of our Prairieland Cougars!  Thanks to their donations, the American Red Cross can provide 100 blankets to those suffering after a disaster.

In the midst of Hurricane Florence, our daughters grew extremely concerned about their cousin, aunt, and uncle who live in North Carolina.  To help appease our six-year-old’s worries, my ten-year-old came up with the idea to hold a fundraiser in order to help the victims of the hurricane.  Her logic was that instead of being afraid, they should try to take helpful action.

After discussing it as a family, we decided that our oldest should ask her teacher and principal if she could initiate a school-wide fundraiser.  The staff and administration at Prairieland are excellent, so it came as no surprise when they fully embraced the venture.

Our daughter really wanted to see the entire project through to the end, therefore she asked permission to handle the creation of the fundraising jar, the announcement to the student body, the counting of the money, and the actual deliverance of the donations to our local American Red Cross chapter.

Again, to Prairieland’s credit, they allowed her full autonomy in this endeavor.  We are so thankful they trusted our daughter to handle this responsibitliy.

The Prairieland Cougars really came through!  In just one week’s time, with another fundraiser going as well, the students donated $487!  That amount of money astounded our daughter, and me, too, frankly.

Today we drove her to the Bloomington, Illinois, Red Cross building to deliver the cashier’s check in person.  The friendly staff at the Red Cross treated her like gold!  I’m sure they get much bigger donations on a regular basis, but they absolutely made my daughter’s efforts and Prairieland’s donations feel just as important as any other donation.  Coleen particularly made a point to give our daughter so much of her time, showed great interest in both our daughter and Prairieland, and truly made our daughter feel appreciated.  Coleen and the wonderful team at the Red Cross made it an incredibly personal, authentic experience, which provided the perfect conclusion to this adventure.

The personnel at Prairieland Elementary and the Red Cross serving Central Illinois went above and beyond in helping our daughter achieve this goal.  But none of it could have been possible without Prairieland’s student generosity.  Children’s capacity for good never fails to impress me.

Principal Scott Peters always says it’s a great day to be a Cougar, and that’s because Cougars always care about others!  Thanks so much to everyone involved!


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