The Bears Lose, But I Win

I’m a big Bears fan.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much I look forward to the NFL season, and I count the days until my Bears play.  Today encompassed much of my emotions concerning the Bears during the last twenty years or so.

They looked great today.  They looked terrible today.  To make matters worse, they lost on their home field to a team that is generally not considered a formidable opponent.

Did I get upset?  Sure, I did.  What sports fan wouldn’t?  However, during a brief car ride today, I heard the local sports personalities bashing the Bears to no end.  (I should note that I live two hours south of Chicago.)  They next played the Jay Cutler post-game media session.  Jay got a little lippy with them, no doubt.  But at the same time, the reporters asked him antagonizing, leading questions.  After the fifth or sixth one, he started going into what people call his smart-ass mode.  I can’t say I blame the guy.  They lost.  He threw interceptions.  They had bad penalties.  They’ll try to do better the next time.  What more is there to say?

After his press conference the host of the show I listened to starting mocking Cutler, laughing at him, and generally tearing Cutler apart.  This is part of why I don’t often listen to sports radio anymore.  Like any other media outlet, it’s all about sensation and getting the ratings.  When the Bears are up, the local media adores them.  When they are down, the media is on them like a pack of wolves.  And it’s all because that’s what the viewer and/or listener wants.

I don’t want to sound overly ra-ra-ra!, but that little bit on the radio helped put the game in perspective for me.  I don’t believe any of the Bears actively tried to lose that game, and I certainly don’t believe they deserved the tongue-lashing the local media dished out during the ten minutes I rode in my car.

I’m a Bears fan.  I root for the Bears.  Maybe they win, maybe they lose, and that’s part of competitive sports.  I’m looking forward to next week, the rest of the season, and while I hope for the best, nothing should stop me from enjoying watching my team play.

Go Bears!




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