20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill – A Book Review

I’ve read quite a bit by Joe Hill, and I have to say that 20th Century Ghosts is his best work.  The stories in this collection are nearly perfect.  Though each belongs to “genre,” they are so original and innovative that they demand their own definition.  Some are horrifying, some are thought-provoking, some are downright romantic, but each cuts to the core of the main character and, though briefly, provides a potent insight into the protagonist that many authors fail to achieve throughout an entire novel.

I won’t say that Hill is America’s greatest author, because he isn’t, and I think he would agree with that.  But in this collection the man did everything he does best without error.  Even if you’re not a fan of “genre,” I highly recommend this book.  For aspiring writers who need to see short stories done correctly or for literature fans who need a good thrill, 20th Century Ghosts is a rewarding experience.