Voodoo Heart by Scott Snyder – A Book Review

I picked up Voodoo Heart because I admire Snyder’s work on American Vampire.  I was interested to see Snyder’s prose stand alone without a team of artists’ aid.  For the most part, I found myself quite pleased.

Each and every one of Snyder’s stories in this collection is original and very well written.  They all utilize well-rounded characters that instantly attach to the psyche and schema.  My only complaint, however, is that nearly half of them ended with no real sense of resolution.  I don’t necessarily mind vague endings, but several of the works – specifically “Blue Yodel,” “Happy Fish, Plus Coin,” and “About Face” – simply stopped.  I got no real sense of finality and I certainly felt no satisfaction, especially because each of those stories in particular was amazingly engaging.  I wanted so much more because I cared about those characters’ plights in these tales, and I felt cheated without a stronger sense of culmination.

With that being said, as much dissatisfaction as I suffered from the previous stories mentioned, other stories like “Wreck” and “Dumpster Tuesday” left me almost giddy they were so well constructed and resolved.  And, for me, “The Star Attraction of 1919” was undoubtedly one of the most entertaining stories I’ve read in quite some time.  These specific three stories truly blew me away they were so good.  In fact, I keep thinking about them even though I finished the collection several days ago.

I realize that others’ opinions about these stories may vary distinctly from mine.  That’s the wonderful thing about literature, isn’t it?  Rest assured, if you read this short story collection, you will experience prose written at its finest and plots that will rivet you.

Dr. Nekros: Volume II Is On the Way!

It’s hard to believe that my bi-monthly serial, Dr. Nekros, will embark upon the second volume at the end of the month.  I won’t spoil the first volume’s ending, but suffice it to say, things concluded rather precariously … and (I hope) unexpectedly.

So what can you expect to happen in the six episodes comprising Volume II?  It starts by going back … way back to 1923 in fact as we explore the relationship between two men named Zaffin Scribner and Crispin Vadenburgh and what happens when a primal force by the name of Mardella Webb enters their lives.  From thence we check in on the Nekros investigations and its newest ghost hunter, we must bear witness to Xaphan and his apparently dark princes, we again experience the ongoing grudge match between Anton and Lillian, we learn how Micah and Zetta first met as well as why he no longer speaks to his parents, and finally we have some characters rescued, some resuscitated, and others ravaged.

If you’ve been following the good Doctor’s exploits, I thank you.  If you’re new to Micah and Zetta, not to worry, there’s never been a better time to jump on board.  Remember, Dr. Nekros is ALWAYS willing to make house calls …

(Click HERE to get caught up with Volume I)