More Reviews For Andropia!

Positive reviews keep rolling in for Andropia, and I’m very appreciative to those who are writing them! Check out the latest two:

“I loved Andropia! I started reading it on the El train to work, and I rapidly got pulled into the story as it developed from chapter to chapter. It got to the point where I couldn’t wait to get on the train, so that I could read more of it! I like Foley’s technique of closing chapters with a cliffhanger, and I liked the short stories at the end too, which really added great background details to the main story. It was a very quick read, and it definitely made me think deeper as I was trying to figure out what was coming next.”
~Matthew P., data migration expert

Andropia! I enjoyed this great read and was through it in a flash. Engaging and though-provoking, Andropia will transport you into it’s mysterious world and make you really wonder about our own world. Asking many questions and opening our minds to think in a new way, the books structure consists of the central story, then features short stories telling parts of the story from different perspectives. Pick this one up and you won’t be disappointed. Let’s hope there will be a sequel to follow.”
~Katie Hoffman, private chef and blogger

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Join Me For a Reading At TheatresCool

It is my honor to be a special guest of TheatresCool this coming Tuesday night.  I’ve been invited to headline RE: VERSE, an open mic night held every second Tuesday of the month.  I’ll read a selection from my latest novel, Andropia, field questions for a few minutes, and then the stage will open up to those who’d like to share their poetry and writings as well.  Following the participants’ readings, I’ll be back on stage to sign and sell copies of Andropia.


When: Tuesday, July 13, at 7:00 p.m.

Where:  TheatresCool, 403 N. Main Street, Bloomington, IL

Price of Books:  $13

I hope to see you there!

Here’s a link to TheatresCool if you’d like to know more:

Can’t make it?  You can still get your signed copy of Andropia by following this link:

And if you’d like to know what people are saying about Andropia, check out this wonderful review written by Dr. Jane Thomas:

Andropia, Scott William Foley’s intriguing novel reminiscent of utopian and distopian fiction, presents a number of big questions. What does it mean to be alive? What constitutes humanity? Should we question authority, and if so, why? What is our purpose in life? Does futility mock all endeavors? This slim book rivets attention from the first page, making it nearly impossible to put down until the last word is read. Foley also incorporates many historical and literary references into his story, and though a reader doesn’t need to know these references to enjoy the book, they enrich the writing by evoking concepts that further add to the significance of his science fiction thesis.

“The story consists of two parts, the first, a novel that includes the questions mentioned above and populated with a number of engaging characters. The second part consists of eight stories, seven of which are backstories to the novel. Although the novel and the stories can each stand alone, taken together, they extend the questions and provide a deep dive into the complexity of existence.

“Among the many attractive characters are Isaac and Amelia, the two heroes of the novel. Readers will identify with these characters, eagerly follow their activities, and when the final questions are answered, will realize that everything we know and everything we believe will be turned upside down. Parts of the story I still can’t get out of my thoughts, and the more I think about it, the more questions arise. Andropia is in some ways subversive, in many ways disturbing, and in all ways a thoroughly good read!”

Thanks for your time and consideration!


Scott William Foley