You Remind Me of Me by Dan Chaon – A Book Review

You Remind Me of Me is a novel that slowly worms its way into the very fabric of your being.  Chaon’s characters are so flawed and utterly human that the reader can’t help but accept them as part of everyday reality.

Chaon also plays with chronology and perspective to the point that the book almost feels like a puzzle, which mirrors the theme perfectly.  The structure of You Remind Me of Me demands both patience and concentration from the reader, and that’s not a bad thing.

The story itself revolves around several characters that, as the plot progresses, are inextricably linked through the circumstances of conventional misfortune.  There are no unbelievable coincidences in You Remind Me of Me, for as the story unfolds, Chaon is careful to keep everything strictly within the bounds of reality.

Because of the jumps in time and narrative, this book didn’t “wow” me right off the bat.  Early on, I wasn’t sure what was going on, and had trouble investing in it as a result.  However, as I kept going, plot points began connecting, and at that moment I realized the magnificent craftsmanship that went into You Remind Me of Me.  Furthermore, it revealed itself as a deeply engaging story.

You Remind Me of Me is a rare blend of creative structuring and captivating story.  If you have patience and don’t mind a little brain tickling, I know you’ll enjoy You Remind Me of Me.