Hamlet 2 – A Movie Review

I loved the ridiculousness of this movie!

Hamlet 2 is about a failed actor who teaches a drama class at a local high school.  He only has two students and they produce horrendous play after horrendous play adapted from popular movies.  One day, though, his class is invaded by shop and home economics students after those programs got cut.  He soon finds out his program is in danger as well, and so he must win over these disinterested students while writing and producing the play-to-end-all-plays if he wants his classes to continue.  His magnum opus?  Hamlet 2!

Actually, on paper, this sounds like a reasonable plot.

It’s not.

And that’s the whole point.  Hamlet 2 is over-the-top and incredibly funny.  It takes every feel-good cliché from high school drama movies and twists them in a delightfully perverse manner.  However, oddly enough, like the final production of the play, Hamlet 2 (the movie) has an alarming amount of heart and soul and somehow forces the audience to care about these characters.  It’s not a “dramedy,” not by a long shot, but it has elements of a serious movie accomplished by the sheer investment of its actors and actresses in such an outrageous premise.

Speaking of whom, Steve Coogan was just brilliant.  He pulled off the numbskull actor so well … I’m sure he’s worked with quite a few who served as inspiration.  His idiotic character is just so pathetic, yet so enthusiastic – you can’t help but love him!

The whole notion of writing a sequel to Hamlet … it’s so … ironically original!  And then, well, not to ruin the climax of the film, but let’s just say that Coogan’s play is not bound by the confines of genre.  Believe me when I tell you that I would pay good money to go see the fruits of Coogan’s character’s efforts!

If you’ve ever attempted to sing, act, or write, you will love this movie and feel quite embarrassed when you see many instances of yourself in it.  Go in with a good sense of humor and you will adore Hamlet 2.