There Will Be Blood – A Movie Review

I won’t lie to you … this movie about the early days of oil prospecting was a little boring. 

Yes, the filming was gorgeous.  Yes, the score was bone-chilling.  Yes, the mix of subtle and over-the-top acting was beyond phenomenal.  But, the story, well, the story was rather by the book (no pun intended).  I’d describe this movie as many calms before few storms.  Yes, there were rare moments of true tension and great suspense, but in the end, not all that much took place.  The climax was rather … anti-climatic.

I did, however, enjoy the juxtaposition of the endless greed of an oil tycoon and the comparable lust for power by the preacher man.  I thought those two characters, while so similar, were perfect foils for one another.

And, of course, Daniel Day-Lewis was mesmerizing, as always.  Simply watching him transform every being of his person into the character he played made the movie worthwhile.  Otherwise, though, I’m afraid I can’t say I’d recommend this film to the mainstream viewing audience.

Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman – A Book Review

In this short story collection, Neil Gaiman compiles various fast-paced stories (and a few poems) from over the decades.  Some of them are very good; others didn’t really work.  But that’s the beauty of a short story collection-if you don’t like one story, there’s a new one just a few pages ahead.  By and large, however, Gaiman’s stories were darkly imaginative, quirky, and-most importantly-fun.  Some weren’t up to his usual high standards, and he’s the first to admit as much in his “notes” section where he offers some insight into each tale.

If you’re a fan Gaiman and/or short fantasy, horror, and sci-fi, I think this collection will please.