We’re Having a Little Girl!

Kristen and I found out yesterday that we’re having a little girl on July 4th

After talking to our mothers about their easy pregnancies with boys, we really thought we were having a boy as well because Kristen thankfully hasn’t had much pregnancy-related illness.  (However, she is getting over an upper-respiratory infection.) 

When we went in for our appointment last Tuesday, the doctor did a sonogram and showed us why he thought it was a little girl.  We were both shocked!  I asked him if he was sure, and he said he’ll never say he’s a 100% positive, but he was 95% sure he was looking at a girl.  Then, after looking a bit more, he said, “Actually, make that 98%.”

We couldn’t be happier about our little girl.  My nerves have inflated, though, but not in a bad way.  It’s just that I grew up in a house full of guys (even the dog was a dude), so the idea of interacting with a little girl is totally foreign to me.  I have a feeling I’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly, though.  Luckily we have some good friends with daughters and a niece who have helped initiate my training.

We’re not sure about names for her.  We thought we had some choices settled on, but now that she’s a reality we’re rethinking those choices.  We don’t intend to keep her name a secret, so hopefully we’ll come to a decision sooner than later.  For now we’re just calling her “Supergirl.”  Those of you who know me well will not find that surprising at all.

I can’t wait for Daddy’s little (super) girl to arrive!